Thursday, December 29, 2005


Clinton Started Renditions

Bill Clinton fans may be surprised to find out that, according to a former CIA employee, their King Arthur is actually the one who initiated the practice of extraordinary rendition, or “torture outsourcing” as it is commonly known.

This does not excuse Bush, but further backs up my claim that Democrats are basically on the same team as the Republicans.

Speaking of the Democrats, I’m not the only one who thinks the Democratic Party is bad for liberalism and progressivism. Check out this website for plenty of evidence.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Liberals and progressives realize no progress because they hitch their stars to the Democratic Party. The sooner they dump the Dems, the better.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The Dangers of Partisanship

Partisan loyalties blind people to the truth and make them commit egregious acts against their own country. One can easily see this truth at work in the destruction of the United States through the blind loyalty of conservatives to the Republican Party and that of liberals to the Democratic Party. Both parties are in fact branches of the Republicrat system that has led America down the path to self-destruction through greed, war, political pandering, and the gross misallocation of resources, to name a few crimes.

No matter how bad a leader is, idiotic partisans will rally around him or her even if it means cutting their own throats — and it usually does. Democratic partisans think of Bill Clinton as King Arthur, and Republican partisans defend King George no matter how bad he gets. Any nonpartisan, objectively thinking person would see that both these kings are horrible. It is no exaggeration to say that partisanship is dragging the US into a gigantic tar pit.

Though I harbor no illusions, it is still encouraging to see a few Republicans breaking ranks to do what is right, even though they must defy the anger of King George. For example, Bush is angry with Senator Larry Craig of Idaho for helping defeat a permanent Patriot Act renewal. In Bush’s words, Craig is “a goddamned traitor.”

Craig and others have endured this because, at least on this one issue, they had the courage to do what was right, and not what was called for by blind partisan loyalty.

If politicians want to save America, they must discard partisan loyalty, kick lobbyists out of their offices, eschew pork, and do what they know is right. To begin with, liberals and conservatives must agree on the core American values enshrined in the constitution, which underpins the common ground where all Americans should stand.


Spying Mania

With each new revelation, Bush’s spying on his fellow Americans turns out to be worse than we’d thought. Americans exercising their First-Amendment right to free speech are considered “threats” to the state, and the government tracks each person’s purchases, travel, and the like.

Especially significant is that the TIA system was set up by John Poindexter, whose sense of ethics and adherence to the law might be considered questionable at best. And yet, this is the sort of person put in charge of spying on innocent, law-abiding people. Surely the irony of this situation does not escape the reader. And it speaks volumes about our leaders’ perverted sense of what’s right.

I have a better idea of how to use all that money and spy hardware: go after spammers and malicious hackers. Or better yet: if the spooks really want to help find those who are putting America in danger, they should turn their attention to members of the administration and Congress. Because Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has called this Congress “the most corrupt” in history, surely now is the time for our spooks to be eavesdropping on the communications of those who disburse our tax money and make the laws — although I insist that warrants be obtained from a court first.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Obviously False Stories

Now we know that the student’s claim about being visited by Homeland Security agents because of Mao’s Little Red Book was a hoax. The story fell apart because it “had too many holes.” This is an encouraging development, of course, because it shows that some Americans can still think critically and spot a story that doesn’t hold water.

Unfortunately, nearly all Americans and the media seem to lose this critical faculty when it comes to Bush’s phony 9/11 story. Once you begin looking into the details of the Bush administration’s explanation, you will soon see that it leaks water all over the place. Bush’s tall tale is even harder to believe than this Little Red Book story, yet the same media that jump on a relatively minor story about a college student’s hoax continue to avoid discussing the seriously flawed government account of 9/11. People who say the emperor wears no clothes are quickly labeled crackpot conspiracy theorists and not given a hearing.

It’s a clear pattern one finds in media coverage: any transgression by one of the little people gets lots of press, while the media tend to shy from — or often actively cover up — things that are embarrassing to those in power.

And that is why there is no democracy. The media are supposed to be working for the little people, but instead they are running interference for politicians and feeding us outright propaganda.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


A Good Year!?

According to President Dubya, “It’s been a good year for the American people,” So saying, he took off on yet another vacation. Here he proves once again that he is living in an entirely different world from the people.

Of course it has been a very good year for Bush and his rich friends. You can’t argue with that. But ask the factory labor and cannon fodder how they’re faring, and you’ll get a completely different story. Bush’s cloistered existence insulates him from knowledge of reality for the rest of us, which he appears to have no interest in, anyway.

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, always protected, never having to wonder where this month’s rent will come from, or how to put food on the table — this is the world of George W. Bush. He couldn’t know or understand the precarious, day-to-day, hand-to-mouth existence of the rest of us. That’s why he ignores the pleas of the needy who cannot afford heating oil, prompting Venezuela to step in and provide relief. That’s why Bush refused help from other countries which offered to help Katrina victims. We little people are just disposable to him.

Calling 2005 “a good year for the American people” is just propaganda. Here’s hoping that this callous “King of Vacations” decides to stay on vacation and not go back to Washington.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Partisans Can’t Handle the Truth

I have previously observed that most political websites, blogs, radio talk shows, and political commentary TV shows are more like front groups for either the Democratic Party or Republican Party. Mind you, I am not talking about political philosophy here, i.e., whether conservative or progressive. Taking a political stand is a good thing, and necessary if you want to get anything done. What I am talking about is blindly following a political party no matter how degraded or corrupt it is.

As Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue notes, these partisans can’t handle the truth. Most of these websites, blogs, and the like are clearly allied with one of the political parties, and some even mount absurdly irrational defenses of their chosen parties. Conservative-aligned people defend Bush and the Republicans no matter how bad they get. Meanwhile, liberals stick with the Democrats no matter what, and Bill Clinton is positively idolized.

In truth, the GOP looks more like Fascists USA every day, while the decidedly unprogressive Democrats are nothing but a mere appendage of the GOP, something akin to an inflamed appendix waiting to be surgically removed. And you can practically count on one hand the members of Congress who truly have the interests of their country and the world in mind. The rest are bought and paid for.

Both of the parties are taking America down the tubes, but their blind followers look through their little tunnels and see only red or blue. They can’t see that the whole American political system is hopelessly corrupt.

If Americans of all political stripes want to do what’s right for their country before it’s too late, they must first of all discard their outmoded political baggage, which means dumping the corrupt Republicrat system. Both parties have become huge liabilities to the US by leading us down the path of profligate unsustainability and unmitigated greed. Americans need to clear their heads of all this Democrat/Republican garbage and refocus on the core American values enshrined in the constitution, which has been disdained by presidents of both parties. Americans need to renounce the warmongering Republicrats.

Fat chance this will happen, though, because partisans can’t handle the truth.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Biomass Ethanol Scam

Previously I wrote about how using corn as fuel is actually aggravating the energy problem because the energy inputs are greater than the output. This holds true for other biomass-to-ethanol scams as well.

Again, politics trumps common sense and science, demonstrating that politicians will sooner sell out the future of their own country than do what’s right. It’s no wonder that humanity makes no progress.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


‘Flawed Intelligence’ Is Another Lie

Once you tell one lie, you have to tell another to cover that one up, and another and another down the line, making it harder and harder to maintain the patchwork of prevarication. Fortunately for American politicians, the American people are gullible and have short memories, and tend to believe what network “news” tells them.

But now that the reasons for attacking Iraq are making less and less sense even to the most gullible Americans, Bush is trying a new tack in getting people to believe him: He’s admitting that his intelligence was “flawed.” Of course many Americans will swallow this new lie and see Bush as some kind of victim.

The true story, of course, is that the intelligence wasn’t flawed; the Bushies cherry-picked information that suited their purposes (lots of that from Iraqi exiles funded with US tax dollars), and made a case that was obviously contrived and totally unconvincing to thinking people. Even I could see right from the start that the whole case for war was a pack of lies. What objective person could watch an embarrassed Colin Powell giving a presentation even he didn’t believe, and think Bush was telling the truth? What objective person could listen to Mushroom-Cloud Lady’s desperate, hysterical rants and not see that she was spouting lies?

Now the media and gullible Americans are saying, “You see? The intelligence was wrong. Even Bush is admitting it,” which is not the case at all. It is not a case of flawed intelligence, it is a case of lies, lies, and more lies. It’s a clever ploy because this gets Bush off the hook and pins the blame on the intelligence agencies.

Oh, and one more thing. Bush continues to justify his war by saying, “Saddam was a threat — and the American people and the world is [sic] better off because he is no longer in power.” This too is of course a lie. Saddam wasn’t a threat to any other countries. He had no WMD, no unmanned vehicles capable of hitting abroad, no nuclear weapons, or even a nuclear weapons program. He was a toothless tinhorn dictator and a tool of the US. “Threat” my ass.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


More on Population

I’m glad to see the population issue getting more of an airing, and another article has appeared on this subject, in Grist. As sit points out, in some quarters “too few” people has become a rallying cry for having more babies.

But the idea of “too few people” is of course a serious mistake, because the illusion of “too few” people is created by a geographical imbalance that drains the countryside and concentrates people in ever-expanding cities. That imbalance, in turn, is created by the availability of cheap, abundant energy from fossil fuels, which allow a small portion of the population to grow food for the rest using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and machinery. As a concomitant, the world population has grown far past the size that the Earth can sustainably support.

This is the crisis that the Grist article fails to mention. It’s good that fertility levels are falling around the world, but this trend is too little and too late. The question now is: How many people can we save from freezing and starvation in the coming years? Mass starvation and freezing are inevitable as fossil fuel supplies shrink.

But we cannot just save ourselves and let others die needlessly. Many can be saved by quickly reorganizing society to produce food locally with manual labor, and by changing our lifestyles so that we can get by with much less fuel.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


More on the China Model

Previously I wrote about the US government’s implementation of the China Model in the US. Now Wayne Madsen has written about another indicator of this in relation to internet censorship.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Bush Thinks Little of Constitution

In case you missed it (and if you rely on the mainstream media for your news, you probably did), President of the United States George W. Bush thinks the Constitution is “just a goddamned piece of paper.”

Now, think about that for a minute. Pursuant to Article 2 Section I of the Constitution, the president takes the following oath of office: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” But now we have a situation in which the person who has sworn to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution opines that it is “just a goddamned piece of paper.”

Actions usually speak louder than words, and the actions of Bush and the neocons have shown us that they see the Constitution as little more than a rag for polishing their jackboots. But now we have the admission straight from the mouth of POTUS himself that he regards the legal foundation of the state as a mere scrap of paper.

When, oh when, will the impeachment proceedings begin?


Corn as Fuel

Corn as fuel has got to be one of the biggest boondoggles ever. It makes no economic sense, and it’s clearly unsustainable.

Using corn to make ethanol has been an issue for some time. Despite the hoopla about how it’s helping the US achieve “energy independence” (is that a laugh, or what?), it is actually doing the opposite because the energy input is greater than what you get from the resulting ethanol. The whole thing is a scam to help corn farmers find markets for their overproduction.

Now there are corn-burning stoves, which some people are using to offset heating costs. But here too we have the same energy inefficiency, because all the fossil fuel energy put into producing the corn, removing the grain from the cobs, and distributing it to users comes to more than the energy obtained when burning the corn in stoves. Just like the ethanol scam, this is actually aggravating the problem. It would make far more sense to plant trees on those corn fields.

Obviously, using corn as fuel is unsustainable because of the huge fossil fuel inputs and the negative energy balance.

Friday, December 09, 2005


Terror Watchlist

According to a Swedish newspaper, the US government’s terror watchlist for airlines is a whopping 80,000 names long. At such size, it certainly must contain the names of many, many innocent people, and, I suspect, not a few political enemies.

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