Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The Dangers of Partisanship

Partisan loyalties blind people to the truth and make them commit egregious acts against their own country. One can easily see this truth at work in the destruction of the United States through the blind loyalty of conservatives to the Republican Party and that of liberals to the Democratic Party. Both parties are in fact branches of the Republicrat system that has led America down the path to self-destruction through greed, war, political pandering, and the gross misallocation of resources, to name a few crimes.

No matter how bad a leader is, idiotic partisans will rally around him or her even if it means cutting their own throats — and it usually does. Democratic partisans think of Bill Clinton as King Arthur, and Republican partisans defend King George no matter how bad he gets. Any nonpartisan, objectively thinking person would see that both these kings are horrible. It is no exaggeration to say that partisanship is dragging the US into a gigantic tar pit.

Though I harbor no illusions, it is still encouraging to see a few Republicans breaking ranks to do what is right, even though they must defy the anger of King George. For example, Bush is angry with Senator Larry Craig of Idaho for helping defeat a permanent Patriot Act renewal. In Bush’s words, Craig is “a goddamned traitor.”

Craig and others have endured this because, at least on this one issue, they had the courage to do what was right, and not what was called for by blind partisan loyalty.

If politicians want to save America, they must discard partisan loyalty, kick lobbyists out of their offices, eschew pork, and do what they know is right. To begin with, liberals and conservatives must agree on the core American values enshrined in the constitution, which underpins the common ground where all Americans should stand.

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