Thursday, December 15, 2005


‘Flawed Intelligence’ Is Another Lie

Once you tell one lie, you have to tell another to cover that one up, and another and another down the line, making it harder and harder to maintain the patchwork of prevarication. Fortunately for American politicians, the American people are gullible and have short memories, and tend to believe what network “news” tells them.

But now that the reasons for attacking Iraq are making less and less sense even to the most gullible Americans, Bush is trying a new tack in getting people to believe him: He’s admitting that his intelligence was “flawed.” Of course many Americans will swallow this new lie and see Bush as some kind of victim.

The true story, of course, is that the intelligence wasn’t flawed; the Bushies cherry-picked information that suited their purposes (lots of that from Iraqi exiles funded with US tax dollars), and made a case that was obviously contrived and totally unconvincing to thinking people. Even I could see right from the start that the whole case for war was a pack of lies. What objective person could watch an embarrassed Colin Powell giving a presentation even he didn’t believe, and think Bush was telling the truth? What objective person could listen to Mushroom-Cloud Lady’s desperate, hysterical rants and not see that she was spouting lies?

Now the media and gullible Americans are saying, “You see? The intelligence was wrong. Even Bush is admitting it,” which is not the case at all. It is not a case of flawed intelligence, it is a case of lies, lies, and more lies. It’s a clever ploy because this gets Bush off the hook and pins the blame on the intelligence agencies.

Oh, and one more thing. Bush continues to justify his war by saying, “Saddam was a threat — and the American people and the world is [sic] better off because he is no longer in power.” This too is of course a lie. Saddam wasn’t a threat to any other countries. He had no WMD, no unmanned vehicles capable of hitting abroad, no nuclear weapons, or even a nuclear weapons program. He was a toothless tinhorn dictator and a tool of the US. “Threat” my ass.

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