Sunday, December 25, 2005


Obviously False Stories

Now we know that the student’s claim about being visited by Homeland Security agents because of Mao’s Little Red Book was a hoax. The story fell apart because it “had too many holes.” This is an encouraging development, of course, because it shows that some Americans can still think critically and spot a story that doesn’t hold water.

Unfortunately, nearly all Americans and the media seem to lose this critical faculty when it comes to Bush’s phony 9/11 story. Once you begin looking into the details of the Bush administration’s explanation, you will soon see that it leaks water all over the place. Bush’s tall tale is even harder to believe than this Little Red Book story, yet the same media that jump on a relatively minor story about a college student’s hoax continue to avoid discussing the seriously flawed government account of 9/11. People who say the emperor wears no clothes are quickly labeled crackpot conspiracy theorists and not given a hearing.

It’s a clear pattern one finds in media coverage: any transgression by one of the little people gets lots of press, while the media tend to shy from — or often actively cover up — things that are embarrassing to those in power.

And that is why there is no democracy. The media are supposed to be working for the little people, but instead they are running interference for politicians and feeding us outright propaganda.

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