Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Partisans Can’t Handle the Truth

I have previously observed that most political websites, blogs, radio talk shows, and political commentary TV shows are more like front groups for either the Democratic Party or Republican Party. Mind you, I am not talking about political philosophy here, i.e., whether conservative or progressive. Taking a political stand is a good thing, and necessary if you want to get anything done. What I am talking about is blindly following a political party no matter how degraded or corrupt it is.

As Doug Thompson at Capitol Hill Blue notes, these partisans can’t handle the truth. Most of these websites, blogs, and the like are clearly allied with one of the political parties, and some even mount absurdly irrational defenses of their chosen parties. Conservative-aligned people defend Bush and the Republicans no matter how bad they get. Meanwhile, liberals stick with the Democrats no matter what, and Bill Clinton is positively idolized.

In truth, the GOP looks more like Fascists USA every day, while the decidedly unprogressive Democrats are nothing but a mere appendage of the GOP, something akin to an inflamed appendix waiting to be surgically removed. And you can practically count on one hand the members of Congress who truly have the interests of their country and the world in mind. The rest are bought and paid for.

Both of the parties are taking America down the tubes, but their blind followers look through their little tunnels and see only red or blue. They can’t see that the whole American political system is hopelessly corrupt.

If Americans of all political stripes want to do what’s right for their country before it’s too late, they must first of all discard their outmoded political baggage, which means dumping the corrupt Republicrat system. Both parties have become huge liabilities to the US by leading us down the path of profligate unsustainability and unmitigated greed. Americans need to clear their heads of all this Democrat/Republican garbage and refocus on the core American values enshrined in the constitution, which has been disdained by presidents of both parties. Americans need to renounce the warmongering Republicrats.

Fat chance this will happen, though, because partisans can’t handle the truth.

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