Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Spying Mania

With each new revelation, Bush’s spying on his fellow Americans turns out to be worse than we’d thought. Americans exercising their First-Amendment right to free speech are considered “threats” to the state, and the government tracks each person’s purchases, travel, and the like.

Especially significant is that the TIA system was set up by John Poindexter, whose sense of ethics and adherence to the law might be considered questionable at best. And yet, this is the sort of person put in charge of spying on innocent, law-abiding people. Surely the irony of this situation does not escape the reader. And it speaks volumes about our leaders’ perverted sense of what’s right.

I have a better idea of how to use all that money and spy hardware: go after spammers and malicious hackers. Or better yet: if the spooks really want to help find those who are putting America in danger, they should turn their attention to members of the administration and Congress. Because Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid has called this Congress “the most corrupt” in history, surely now is the time for our spooks to be eavesdropping on the communications of those who disburse our tax money and make the laws — although I insist that warrants be obtained from a court first.

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