Tuesday, January 17, 2006



If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s perhaps worth a view to see what was probably unintended by the makers: a view of the self-absorption, self-righteousness, cruelty, ruthlessness, and murderousness of people with absolute power. One “highlight” is when Alexander is giving his troops a pep talk just before engaging the Persian army, filling their heads full of self-serving lies about glory and whatnot. “Oh, So-and-so, how I still mourn your brother’s death,” or some such line is delivered to a guy who will likely spill his guts within the next hour to help fulfill Alexander’s dreams of empire. Balderdash. If “great leaders” really cared about us, they wouldn’t use us as cannon fodder to realize their own plans for world domination. They’ll always use the old trick of pumping the troops up for a fight with a line of BS that conceals their real reasons: empire, domination, more land, more slaves, more resources, bigger markets, and what have you. A key component of this belief system is that the conquered will benefit from domination and slaughter because they will now be “free” and have “democracy.” Please.

Alexander was considered “great” for what reason? He achieved “greatness” at what price to others?

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