Monday, January 02, 2006


Bush Spies on Those Whom He Fears

Previously I pointed out how the right is afraid of the people. My case is further reinforced by the latest Bush spying scandal (the one which the New York Times concealed for a whole year; what else are they hiding?). Bush is not spying on ordinary Americans to find terrorists; he’s spying on us because he’s afraid of us. It’s part of a clear pattern. Observe how Bush insulates himself from Americans: Press conferences are few and scripted, audiences are carefully screened to eliminate non-supporters, and activist/dissident organizations are labeled “terrorist” and spied on by the FBI. Bush is famous for existing in a “bubble.” Now we know that literally all Americans are covered by Bush’s spy machine.

Normal people may well laugh at the idea that Bush is afraid of Joe Sixpack, Jane Doe, and people who advocate peace and justice, but why else would Bush be spying on them, and illegally at that? Why are ordinary Americans subject to intimidation, such as requirements to show their IDs on public transportation? Why are demonstrators exercising their First-Amendment rights isolated into “free speech zones”?

The pattern is clear: The American people scare Bush. They are seen as “terrorists” because they terrify Bush and his rich elite friends. And it is natural for those in power to spy on those conceived as enemies.

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