Sunday, January 22, 2006


Bush’s Successful Policies

We often hear critics of George W. Bush talking about his “failed policies” and “failed presidency.” From the usual point of view, certainly Bush’s policies appear to have failed miserably, and his presidency is a disaster. With all the horrible things happening in America and abroad thanks to Bush, it’s natural for normal people to assume that his policies and presidency have “failed.”

But think about it for a minute. How on earth could anyone screw up so badly, especially when surrounded by experts and spin doctors and all sorts of other people to wipe the chief’s ass and clean up the mess? It seems incredible until you approach this matter from the opposite direction, that is, you assume that Bush administration policies are having the intended effect, and are therefore successful.

For example, it certainly appears that Bush and his people have disdain for the poor, and therefore his screw-the-poor policies and the massive transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the rich are the results of successful policies, not failures.

The New Orleans debacle, the secret torture gulag, disaster in Iraq, the sinking economy, the rising police state, disappearing freedom of speech, the energy crisis, the gathering planetary environmental catastrophe — all these appear to be the intended consequences of Bush’s policies, which means that they are successful. In this sense, the Bush presidency has been one of the most successful ever. Think about it.

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