Wednesday, October 11, 2006


How Dangerous Is North Korea?

Dangerous, yes. But a more important question is: How does it stack up in comparison with other countries?

Much has been said about the recent claimed nuclear test. Assuming NK does have functional nuclear weapons, how should we see its danger status in a worldwide context?

First of all, much has already been written about how the US and its allies have literally driven NK into its attempt to arm itself with nukes. The demonization of NK and the failure to tell the whole story by these governments and those countries’ lapdog media are absolutely breathtaking. You can read about the broken promises, the incitement, the threats and saber-rattling, and the lies on plenty of sites, so I will not repeat those here.

Let’s do a comparison with the US, which is doing the most hysterical screaming and finger-pointing. Doubts are sometimes expressed about Kim Jong Il’s mental status, but we have more reliable information that George Bush is mentally unbalanced and taking powerful medication to control wild mood swings. In fact, in TV appearances he seems to be barely keeping himself under control, and he has in the past stormed off the stage at a press conference. This is the man with his finger on the button that can launch enough nukes to incinerate the world. Do you still think NK is more dangerous?

No state except the US has actually used nuclear weapons. In fact, the Bush regime wants to build new types, and is said to be contemplating the use of nukes. Do you still think NK is more dangerous?

NK has said it will defend itself, but the US attacks other countries without provocation or justifiable cause — in fact, on the basis of lies. That is why Iraq now lies in ruins. Do you still think NK is more dangerous?

In addition, the US is represented at the United Nations by John Bolton, whose sanity certainly leaves room for doubt. Do you still think NK is more dangerous?

I’m not a North Korea fan, and am not trying to defend its brutal totalitarian regime. But the relative danger presented by NK in a worldwide context is clearly far below that of the US.

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