Thursday, October 19, 2006


Mid-Term Election Reality Check

Most liberals are working themselves into a state of excitement at the prospect of the Democrats retaking control of one or even both houses of Congress. But realistic people will just yawn, because they know that nothing will really change. As I’ve pointed out before, America’s Republicrat system is a two-headed monster. Or you could see it as a car with two people who fight over who’s going to be in the driver’s seat, even though they both want to go to the same place.

Make no mistake about it: The Democrats stand for the same thing as the Republicans, and that’s why the Dems have virtually rubber-stamped Bush’s entire program. Thanks to both heads of the monster, you can kiss your rights goodbye.

So, to those excited liberals and Democratic Party groupies: Get real. The whole system is totally corrupt and beyond saving. All you can do now is hope to get out of the way before the rot gets to you, too.

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