Thursday, November 23, 2006


Bush Family Sticks Together

George H. W. Bush defends his sons from unjust criticism in a leadership conference Abu Dhabi, UAE. Truly, it is a heartwarming story of family devotion that elicits tears of joy. Indeed, you have to wonder: How could anyone not believe the Bush family has the interests of the whole world at heart?

Take Iraq. For all you doubters out there, President Dubya has trashed the nation of Iraq for its own good. You’ll see, someday when Iraq rises out of its ashes like a reborn phoenix, that the Bush Plan for Iraq was right all along. Sure, countless people have died miserable deaths in the desert, the whole country is contaminated for eternity with depleted uranium, and in general Iraq is coming apart at the seams. But doubters just can’t see the Grand Strategy.

Pappy Bush is right to be indignant when people accuse the Bush family of doing everything for money. The very idea! Anyone with half a brain can see that the Bushes have dedicated their lives and fortune to doing what’s right for America.

So the doubters out there need to retrofit their brains. People who criticize the Bush family just don’t see the Big Picture. And they don’t understand family values, either.

End of story. Now get back to work, you peons!

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