Friday, November 10, 2006


Democrats Show Their True Colors

Do Democratic Party groupies still need more proof that the Democrats are just the other arm of the corrupt Republicrat party? As I recently pointed out, even if the Democrats regain control of both houses of Congress, basically nothing will change. Only a few days have passed since the election, but in a disgustingly shameless display of fealty to a dictator who OKs torture, Democrats are already kneeling at the altar of Mammon and pledging to protect and defend the corrupt Imperial Program instead of the Constitution. Anyone who can continue to have faith in the Democratic Party even after all this is a lost cause.

Meanwhile, although Americans find it impossible to prosecute their own leaders for heinous crimes, the Germans are making a second attempt to prosecute Rumsfeld et al. We can be fortunate that the Germans learned from the Nazi experience even if Americans didn’t. How utterly ironic that the country still brazenly laying claim to being the world’s leading democracy cannot properly hold elections or call its own leaders to account for their transgressions.

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