Friday, December 01, 2006


The China Model, Again

In a number of posts I have pointed out how the US government is trying to implement the China Model of a controlled society in the US. I’m not the only person to think so, as seen in this article on an apparent attempt to put the internet under tight control. Writes the author:
Deep sixing the entire Internet seems a highly unlikely move in that it would probably derail the world economy and put thousands of huge transnational corporations out of business. An outcome more likely to happen if this ruling is accepted is that it would further pave the way for government regulation and tracking of the Internet, namely "Internet 2," a completely controlled, surveilled and autocratic cyber police state similar to the Chinese model, whereby website owners have to obtain government permission to run a blog, be approved by a biometric thumb scan just to turn their computer on, and immediately get their Internet access shut off if they misbehave.
Watch for more attempts of various kinds to restrict freedom of speech and the free exchange of information.

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