Friday, January 05, 2007


Bad News for Nuclear Power

So, you thought that problems of fossil fuel pricing and availability would be mitigated by building more nuclear power plants? Well, think again.

The general public is no doubt totally unaware that uranium production fell behind consumption back in 1985. Over the last two decades, the shortfall has been offset by stockpiles and dismantled Soviet nuclear weapons.

Uranium keeps going up, and foreseeable production can’t even come close to filling the gap with projected demand. In the near term, that means higher prices. Over the long term, it means that humanity will start killing for uranium, just as it’s already killing for oil now.

So if governments and electric utilities are smart, they’ll start rethinking the rush toward building more expensive nuke plants, which end up being a big pile of deadly rubbish in the end, anyway.

The ultimate answer, as always, is to lower our expectations. Small is beautiful.

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