Sunday, January 21, 2007


Those Evil North Koreans

Japan’s propaganda push to demonize North Korea is in full swing. Well, it’s more accurate to say this is the US push, because just about everything you hear in the mainstream Japanese media about the DPRK is straight out of the Book of American Political Propaganda.

I hardly ever watch TV because it’s so much BS, but today I happened to see a program that was telling what a bad country North Korea is. Well, of course it is a horrible place for people who live there. Imagine wondering where your next meal is coming from, and wondering who is spying on you, or when you’ll be sent do a labor camp where you might well die miserably. But as I mentioned in a previous post, in an international context you have to see North Korea from a different perspective, because now we are not talking about how horribly the North Korean people suffer, but how big a danger North Korea is to the world.

And there the US wins, hands down, as I pointed out in that previous post. On the program an “expert” pontificated about NK’s drug trafficking and money laundering, completely failing to mention that NK can’t hold a candle to the US in those areas, not to mention in nuclear weaponry and the propensity to attack defenseless countries on the basis of lies. And of course you will not find any mention of American concentration camps or fascism. These are taboo subjects for Japanese mainstream media.

In Japan, the image of the US as a righteous, honest, do-gooder nation that champions peace, freedom, and democracy around the world is so thoroughly ingrained that if you tell the Japanese equivalent of Joe Sixpack and Jane Doe about the utter corruption of America’s political system, or how the US is a far greater threat to the world than North Korea, they literally stand dumbfounded with their mouths hanging open. The revelation is so shocking that all their assumptions crumble in a moment.

So of course the North Korean regime is bad and the innocent North Korean people are the victims. But as a global-scale threat, North Korea will never, never catch up to the US Empire.

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