Tuesday, February 13, 2007


9/11 Movement Gives Debunker Journalists a Free Ride

How many times does one have to point this out? The 9/11 truth movement is just making it hard on itself by playing into the hands of debunkers, including debunker journalists. Just a few days ago we got another great example of this when the illustrious George Monbiot brought out a debunking article which joins a long list of other such articles by publications and writers across the political spectrum. This was followed by a rebuttal from one of the people involved in the production of the popular 9/11 video “Loose Change.”

Before I get to the point, let me say that I respect George Monbiot and his work. At the same time, I also respect the many people — including those who made LC — who work hard to debunk the flimsy story that is the official conspiracy theory.

The problem is that the 9/11 truth movement is turning away powerful potential allies like Monbiot by taking the wrong tack. As I’ve observed elsewhere, ad nauseam, the physical evidence approach is the weakest argument that the 9/11 movement has, simply because George W. Bush was careful to keep the public away from the physical evidence, which he cleaned up and carted away as quickly as possible. Very clever of him, I might add. So, to argue that the WTC buildings were brought down by demolition, the 9/11 movement must rely largely on anecdotal evidence (“I heard explosions”), and hair-splitting about the temperature at which steel weakens and melts, the temperature at which jet fuel burns, free-fall speed, pancaking theories, and the like. The argument is highly theoretical and speculative. “Our simulation is better than yours,” etc. To people who are skeptical of government involvement in the first place, these are indeed not very compelling arguments. I’m not making excuses for Monbiot or other journalists who should be doing better homework on this, but really, it’s no wonder that such a weak argument turns away and hardens skeptics instead of making them think. The physical-evidence argument is a very easy target for debunkers, and they gladly take advantage of it.

Yet, in over five years the 9/11 movement has yet to learn a lesson from this.

Thinking back over all the debunking articles I’ve seen, including this latest offering by Monbiot, I can’t recall a single one which addressed any of the good evidence in favor of US government complicity. And the cold, hard truth is, they don’t have to because 99 out of 100 people in the 9/11 truth movement are absolutely enthralled by the practically nonexistent physical evidence.

The 9/11 movement rarely ever asks debunkers and journalists to examine or discuss the war games, the money trail, peak oil, drugs, the connections with the arms and “homeland security” industries, the tortured timeline, insider trading, the implausible 9/11 Commission report, or any of the many, many verifiable facts that point inexorably toward government complicity. Why, oh why, does the 9/11 movement continue to give debunkers a free ride? Am I the only person vexed by this question? We see this same scenario played out over and over again, day after day, year after year. Yet, the 9/11 movement continues to expend oceans of spit and ink on this weak and easy-to-debunk evidence, and fails to confront debunkers and the media with the good evidence.

If truthers want to make some bigger waves and faster progress, they should form a united front, set aside their weak physical-evidence argument, put together a solid list of questions about the excellent circumstantial evidence, and mount a full-court press that would force debunkers and the media to address questions which cannot be answered without pointing toward the government itself.

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