Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Al Gore: Green Hypocrite

By now probably everyone has heard about Al Gore’s Oscar and the subsequent well-deserved criticism of his hypocritical lifestyle. Gore counters this criticism by saying that he is buying “greener” power for his mansion. But an unexplored issue here is whether Gore or any other rich person has the right to consume so much energy in the first place. Just because Gore has the money to pay a $30,000 residential energy bill, does that give him the right to consume so much more than the average American household? No matter where he buys his power, Gore is competing with the tens of millions of poor Americans who are struggling just to stay warm. Surely there are many poor people in Tennessee who also buy power from the Tennessee Valley Authority.

What’s lacking from this analysis is the “fair share” factor. Rich people don’t like to take this into consideration because it crimps their lifestyle. Like Gore, they’ll claim that they are taking steps to “offset” their emissions, or otherwise try to justify their extravagance.

As fuel gets increasingly expensive and poor Americans start burning their furniture to keep from freezing, will Al Gore forgo heating his mansion? His real test is yet to come.

As for the rich at large, do not expect them to give up any of their comfort for the rest of us. The elite mind does not work like that.

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