Saturday, March 10, 2007


Abort a Fetus, the Terrorists Win

Former Democratic Senator Zell Miller claims that since 1973 the US has aborted 45 million babies, which would have been defending the country. In other words, Miller wants American women to pump out lots of babies to fill the ranks with cannon fodder. Which is exactly the official policies adopted by fascist states before and during World War II. Can you imagine people who openly advocate having babies that will be fated to die or be horribly maimed for Empire? This man needs help.

Miller also said that those aborted babies would be “filling our jobs,” which is a laugh and a half. What jobs, pray tell? The US economy is in a terminal downward spiral, thanks to which the already existing 300 million people can’t find decent jobs, or can’t find any jobs. Poverty is on the rampage. Miller wishes that 45 million more people would be added to aggravate this situation.

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