Saturday, March 31, 2007


Behind 9/11

Those who still harbor doubts about oil being the primary object of US intentions in the Middle East (and elsewhere) should read Oil and Empire, a short article that expertly sums up the vital importance of oil and why everybody is desperate to get it. Although the CounterPunch editors still hold on to the fiction that 9/11 was not an inside job, this article alone reveals a powerful motive for staging this attack and blaming it on Muslim extremists. This blog too has noted some of the many revelations which show that taking over Middle East oil fields was planned long ago.

When you look at 9/11 closely, you almost feel like saying “hats off” to such a brilliantly planned and executed job. While being primarily for oil, 9/11 also serves other interests. For example:

• It satisfies the Zionist lobby and Israel. There is no gainsaying the pressure put on the US government by the Zionist lobby to attack Arab countries.
• Drugs. Going after UBL in Afghanistan and claiming that the Taliban had to be taken out of power because they harbored him was a great cover story. In reality, the Taliban had to be toppled because they had nearly wiped out poppy production — an unpardonable sin in a world economy heavily dependant on dirty drug money.
• Taking control of oil would mean guaranteed fat profits for US oil companies, especially in the face of peak oil.
• It creates an external evil enemy (Arabs/Muslims) against which to rally the populace. It is important for leaders to have an “other” and bogeymen like UBL to constantly whip up fear among the populace and deflect the people’s attention from the fact that their own government is screwing them. Color-coded alerts are a convenient tool for manipulating the fear level.
• It creates a state of perpetual war (“a war that won’t end in our lifetime”), which means a perpetual gravy train for the “defense” industry.
• It was the excuse to set up the Department of Homeland Security to further bleed the people and fatten the coffers of “contractors.”
• Insider trading on 9/11 made millions for connected people.

And so on. 9/11 has been a bonanza in a number of ways, and that’s the way it was planned.

Further, the Bush regime has staved off scrutiny and criticism by accusing those who ask questions of “giving aid and comfort to the enemy” and breeding an uncompromising “us or them” climate in which you are either with Bush or the terrorists. This appeal to phony patriotism and the branding of those who disagree as “terrorist sympathizers” acts to scare people into approved thought patterns. Those who do dare to investigate 9/11 meet with ridicule (an effective weapon) or other pressures, while the government desperately dodges lawsuits and questions. How to handle these problems had to be well thought out ahead of time.

Clearly, 9/11 was planned well in advance. The lining up of patsies, the creation of the “evil other,” the mechanics of the crime (war games, funding, etc.), the cover-up, the bonanza of benefits for connected people and corporations, and most of all, the oil — all this was meticulously conceived as an organic whole.

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