Saturday, March 31, 2007


Talk Is Cheap: Christian Values in America

AFP reports that nine in 10 Americans believe in God, and fully 82% of them profess to be Christian. What a crock of baloney! Talk is certainly cheap. If more than eight in 10 Americans are “Christian,” then why are the so-called “Christian values” of love, forgiveness, charity, the Ten Commandments, and the like not reflected in the way Americans treat each other or people in other countries? Millions of Americans are without decent jobs (or without jobs at all), don’t have enough to eat, have lost or are about to lose their homes, cannot afford medical care, live in squalor, depend on the kindness of a foreign country for heating fuel, and are otherwise sorely neglected by their own government and society. Abroad, hate and distrust of the US increase with each passing day.

If Americans really did live by the words of Jesus, the US and the world would be much different. In reality, being “Christian” in the US, except for a very few individuals, is nothing more than hypocritical posturing used to place a veneer of righteousness over the most disgusting behavior and heinous crimes.

You’re either Christian or you’re not. You can’t have it both ways.

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