Thursday, April 05, 2007


Student Protest Against Rove

Students at American University protested a visit by Karl Rove, otherwise known as “Bush’s brain.” Two issues come to mind when reading this article.

First, the university says the students agreed to protest in a designated area, but violated it. Because the students threw things at Rove’s car and lay down in front of it so he couldn’t leave, it means they were protesting right in Rove’s face, where you would most expect it. Apparently this was not the “designated” protest site, which leaves one to wonder where it was. Is this another instance in which a “free-speech zone” is established out of eyesight and earshot of the targeted government official? Since the protest was handled peacefully and no arrests were made, what is the problem? Is it that Rove was forced to see people who disagree with his politics?

Second, the university says that some of the students might face charges under the code of conduct for protesting in the wrong place. Fine, but why doesn’t Karl Rove face any charges for being a high official in a regime that is carrying out torture, illegal war, and other mayhem around the world? Students who protest such outrageous acts could face charges, but the elite with a hand in those acts is protected by authorities and drives off in the night.

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