Sunday, May 06, 2007


Propagandists Get Better Information Access

Since Dubya took up residence in the White House, the degree of secrecy has steady climbed, and now all kinds of information previously available to the public have been put under lock and key for reasons such as “national security.” But the authorities give privileged information access to some people who serve their interests, such as media propagandists.

For example, thanks to Charles Goyette we found out that the editors of Popular Mechanics got access to 9/11-related information which untermenschen like us are not permitted to see.

And now we find that champion of investigative journalism Judith Miller was given access to secret documents by the New York Police Department. Why? because like Popular Mechanics, Miller is arguing the authorities’ case.

As Goyette observed, there is a class system at work in which certain privileged people get access to secret documents, and the rest of us don’t.

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