Sunday, May 20, 2007


Welcome to the Age of Energy Wars

This editorial says that Americans will be paying not just $4/gallon for gas, but $5 and even higher. It goes on to say:
We need gas to get to work, to take the kids to school, (or more accurately put in their cars so they can drive to school), to shop, to live. We depend on our vehicles here in the rural areas where there is no public transportation.

$4 a gallon? Outrageous! $5 a gallon? Unbelievable! $100 to fill up? Extortion!!! But go ahead and fill’er up.

We will pay those amounts because we have no choice.
And not only that. Everything you can imagine, from food on down, is transported by truck. The editorialist is right: people in the US — and other countries with oil-dependent economies — will pay until they are squeezed dry and the petroleum economy collapses. They have no choice.

Now you know why the US is in Iraq, and why the Age of Energy Wars is just getting started. Modern economies won’t run without cheap and plentiful energy. But with that harder and harder to come by, the situation is getting desperate. Stay tuned as more blood is shed for energy.

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