Friday, June 01, 2007


The Elite Mind

American soldiers are dying in Iraq, but doing a great job, claimed conservative commentator Michael Reagan, revealing that elites think it’s OK for us little people to die in the desert for his elitist agenda. So, when a soldier has been shot and is dying in the sand and heat, we can make him feel good about it by assuring him that he’s doing a great job by dying for oil. More elitist crap from people wearing nice suits and sitting in air conditioned studios.

Oh yea. And then there’s the fear among elites that the “white Christian power structure,” as Bill O’Reilly puts it, will be wiped out by the hordes of workers from other countries. And what, may I ask, happened to the Native American power structure originally in place when the white Christians came? O’Reilly’s sob-story just breaks my heart.

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