Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Military and Energy

Modern military forces are prodigious users of oil, as we can see in this article about the effect of high fuel prices on the US military. It’s obvious to anyone that countries will go to any lengths to secure supplies for their military forces. After all, it’s either oil or horses, and if you were running a country — especially an Empire — what would you do? Would you be content to depend on a 19th-century military while other countries have jet aircraft, trucks, tanks, ships, and other oil-powered conveyances? Get real! If you were in charge of maintaining the Empire, you’d be trying to grab whatever oil you could while the grabbing is good. Hence, people who claim that the US is not in Iraq for the oil seriously need a reality check. The military is not going to run on hydrogen or biofuels or solar power, or any combination thereof, and to the neocons’ credit, they understand this, unlike their energy-illiterate detractors.

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