Friday, July 13, 2007


Why Billions on Anti-Terrorist Measures?

In an item over at the Daily Reckoning, the writer is wondering why billions of dollars are being spent on protecting us from terrorists even though those terrorists seem to be surprisingly few and even more surprisingly inept and lacking in creativity and imagination. He observes, quite perceptively, that it would be very easy for people with a little imagination and no weapons to create havoc. And he wonders why it’s not happening.

Actually, this is a no-brainer. While the US and British governments will tell you that their vigilance and security measures are preventing terrorists attacks, the real reason for all these “security measures” (other than an excuse to create a police state) is that they are a honey-pot of cash for connected corporations. And, as I have repeatedly shown, this leads right back to 9/11, which started the gravy train rolling.

So-called security measures require security consulting services, security equipment, and security personnel. It’s a gold mine if you are positioned to provide such services, equipment, and personnel.

So there is nothing mysterious about why billions are spent on security and anti-terrorist measures to deal with a threat that is very small, especially when you consider that 9/11 was an inside job.

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