Thursday, August 02, 2007


The Great Fall-Apart Has Begun

Call it what you like — for lack of a more elegant term, I’ll call it the Great Fall-Apart. Of course I’m not the first to observe the problems with America’s creaking infrastructure, but almost no one is making the obvious connection. Modern economies built their infrastructures with oil that was cheap and plentiful, and powered their motor vehicle and aircraft fleets with that same energy bonanza. But now we’re at the tipping point. Energy is no longer cheap, and nations are beginning to fight over it.

While our leaders speak to us reassuringly that the infrastructure will be maintained, they know that it’s all downhill from here. Roads, bridges, the electrical grid, pipelines, and what have you will increasingly fall into disrepair because it is too costly to maintain them. It won’t be long until we begin to see weeds growing out of the cracks.

The obvious thing to do is scale down and localize, but the “bigger is better” mindset has a stranglehold on modern man’s thinking, and that is going to make the Great Fall-Apart that much worse.

Happy landing!

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