Sunday, September 30, 2007


9/11 and the Phony War on Terror

Over on AlterNet we have a quite interesting exposé on the phony “war on terror,” but there are a few of things that bother me. Don’t let this stop you from reading it, however, as it brings together a lot of useful facts.

First, if you are going to go into motives, at least mention all the of the major ones. Taking control of hydrocarbons is of course the first one that comes to mind. But there was also getting the drug factory running again. Because the Afghan pipeline is “a dead issue,” the author is saying that attacking Afghanistan was a total failure, when in fact getting opium back into production was one of the primary motives. This has been a resounding success. The vital importance of drug money to the world economic system cannot be understated.

Another motive, not even apparently worth a mention, is Israeli pressure. Over the last few years journalists and researchers have churned out books and articles exposing the heavy influence of the Zionist lobby over US Middle East policy, and there are grounds for suspecting Israeli complicity in 9/11 itself. Yet not even one word on this topic is merited? Perhaps the author is afraid of being branded “anti-Semitic.”

What about the police-state clampdown at home? The gobs of money flowing into the arms industry, the “security” industry, and the mercenary industry, just to mention a few? 9/11 was the trigger for these, too. Here too the neocons and their friends have enjoyed success.

Finally comes the most egregious error, that of handing the neocons the benefit of the doubt on 9/11 itself. While acknowledging that there are unanswered questions about 9/11, the author then calls it a “fortuitous” incident which the neocons took advantage of to advance their agenda. Excuse me? This article details how the neocons meticulously designed a program to take control of hydrocarbons and maintain the US Empire’s predominant position. Fine so far. But then we are asked to believe that the trigger to set everything in motion was left entirely to chance! Sorry, I can’t buy that one. The neocons may be evil, but they’re not stupid. No one is going to spend years developing such an elaborate program and then say, “All we need now is an appropriate, large-scale terrorist attack to set our plan in motion. Let’s sit around a few years and wait for something to happen.” You bet! Approaching this from a common-sense perspective is enough to see that the triggering event could not be left to chance.

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