Friday, September 21, 2007


Chinese Products: Just as I Said

I’ve been pointing out the truth about toxic Chinese products. They are a result of the demand by rich countries that China make lots of stuff cheaply. And the American companies that ask China to do this know it well. Now we have an executive of toymaker Mattel going to China to apologize for the toxic toys and taking all the blame! Analysts called this correctly, observing that if the Chinese government tried to deal with the situation by for example instituting tougher regulations, it would push down Mattel’s stock price and raise its costs. If that started happening, then Mattel and the other US companies that take advantage of Chinese labor would find that China would be having trouble making lots of stuff cheaply. Disaster.

So to repeat, China is just accommodating the wishes of the US, Japan, and other rich countries to make lots of stuff cheaply. China is not the one to blame.

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