Thursday, September 06, 2007


The Real Purpose of ‘Security’

The arrant absurdity of “security” has reached new heights as we find that a cafe near Bush’s hotel was ordered not to set knives and forks on outdoor tables as they could be used as weapons by terrorists, and workers in a certain building “have been told to stay away from the windows, draw the blinds and not to look at helicopters”!

What’s going on here? Here’s my analysis. It has little or nothing to do with security, but a lot to do with terrorizing us Little People, and seeing how far the police state apparatus can make us kowtow to authority. By making ever more absurd demands on the grounds of “security” (such as no silverware and no looking out windows), the authorities keep bending the Little People so that we will readily and unquestioningly bow to any demand, no matter how idiotic or absurd. It’s a handy way to condition a population into absolute docility.

The reader may disagree, but that’s my take.

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