Friday, December 07, 2007


Sucker-a-Minute Wishful Thinking

In an imaginative scam, a man bilked people out of money by telling them his wife was a CIA agent who could arrange for satellite scans of their bodies and treatments administered by secret agents in the dead of night as they slept. Incredibly stupid? Yes. But how would anyone fall for such an obviously contrived story? Because wishful thinking clouds their judgment.

How many people will laugh this news story and shake their heads in disbelief, but at the same time believe in a Glorious Technological Future where we will all be zipping around in hydrogen-powered cars, taking our vacations among the planets, and living in undreamed-of luxury, even by today’s extravagant standards? Likewise, wishful thinking clouds their judgment. They are no more realistic than the victims of the aforementioned scam.

The “global” economy is rotting at the foundations, the Earth is being gobbled up day by day through consumption on steroids, the US dollar is badly frayed, and energy and food supplies are strained. But wishful thinking still preserves our faith in that Glorious Technological Future.

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