Friday, June 06, 2008


No Maintained Roads, No Motorized Transport

People just keep saying that if we can power out motor vehicles on something other than oil, we’ve solved the transportation problem and saved the car culture. You can remind them over and over again that we also need energy to make the vehicles and to build and maintain traffic infrastructure (roads, bridges, and the like). But everyone is just to excited about PHEVs and algae and whatnot that they don’t hear the voice of reason.

Well, reality sucks, but here ( is an article about all kinds of products getting more expensive because of oil, not just fuel. Note especially this part.
[T]he price of asphalt is up 65 percent so far this year – and municipalities’ and states’ road departments are cutting back. This may mean bumpier roads ahead.
It means more than bumpier roads, because unless the potholes are filled and other deterioration repaired, roads and bridges begin to fall apart fast.

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