Saturday, October 11, 2008


Speculation on the Presidency

Right now I see two ways this could go.

First, there are big questions about McCain’s health. So the scenario that comes to mind here is that McCain will become incapacitated shortly into his presidency, putting Palin at the helm. Since it seems unlikely, judging by McCain’s less-than-robust appearance, that he could serve his term, perhaps the idea from the outset is to have Palin become president. Naturally, with her lack of political experience and knowledge, she would not be running the show, but, like George W. Bush, would simply be the mouthpiece and face of TPTB.

But another scenario is that the GOP chose a sick man and a totally inexperienced woman as a losing ticket. Fire up the Right, let the fires of bigotry burn bright, then hand the election to Obama, who is left holding the bag. Not that I personally have any reason to believe that Obama would right things. He is, after all, committed to the same basic system. (For a detailed treatment of this subject, see the articles dealing with Obama on Black Agenda Report).

So, no matter which way this goes, the prognosis is not good.

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