Friday, October 10, 2008


United States of Socialism

So, the McCain campaign is appealing to people’s lizard brains. Nothing surprising or unique here, as that is a trick used by politicians and their cousins throughout the ages. But what I find interesting — and it appears right at the start of this article — is the accusation that the other guy is socialist, which of course derives from the “socialism is evil” message that is drummed into Americans from the day they are born.

Let’s be honest: The United States is full of socialist institutions, and rank-and-file Americans have benefited greatly from them, without even realizing that they are benefiting from evil socialism. I won’t even get into the socialism for corporations, the rich, and elites, which has attained new dimensions under Comrade George W. Bush. Plenty has been written on that.

Here I would like to point out those socialist institutions that benefit the Little People. How about public schools? How many of the Little People could afford to put their kids through private schools? How about public libraries, public roads, and public transit? How about tax-subsidized healthcare institutions? Oh, and what happens when the Little People are out of work? Well, they get unemployment compensation, welfare support, and help in finding work from publicly funded employment agencies. And when the Little People retire, how do they expect to support themselves? Social Security and Medicare, of course.

In case you haven’t noticed, these are all evil socialism! How many of the Little People would be willing to forgo all this socialism and let “the market” supply their needs, as is official US government policy? Let me venture a guess: Precious few.

Why does no one point out this embarrassing truth to people shouting for an end to socialism? It could change the whole debate.

And yet, ironically, here they are railing against socialism, which they are led to believe is an unmitigated evil.

But the times they are a-changing. While socialism for corporations, the rich, and elites escalates to new heights, socialism for the Little People is declining fast, and will no doubt be eliminated entirely, or at least mostly, within a decade. Or even less. Pensions are being cut. The US government is flat broke and on life support (courtesy of China), so how will entitlements be paid, especially now that the baby boomers are ready for retirement? The answer is, they won’t. The payout amounts will be cut, and finally the whole system will just collapse.

If you are a corporation or a member of the elite, you can look forward to benefiting more from evil socialism. But if you are one of the Little People, get ready to go it alone.

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