Wednesday, November 05, 2008


President Obama: No Change

Throughout the US presidential campaign we’ve been fed the usual rubbish about how we’re going to have “change,” but of course as everyone knows, the more things change, the more they stay the same, and that also goes for President-Elect Obama, whose new job it is to put a black mask over the same old program and pull the wool over the eyes of gullible Americans.

Just check out those links for starters. See any signs of change there? So the “change” we are offered is purely cosmetic. Mr. Obama is committed to The Program, which is of course a prerequisite for running on one of the two Republicrat tickets.

American pundits and indeed authoritative, pontificating commentators around the world are now filling the media with joyous pronouncements about how putting a black man in the White House shows how America has overcome its race problem, as if Obama’s fantasy declaration that blacks have come 90% of the way were actually true. Please.

Barack Obama is smooth, urbane, assured, an accomplished talker, and handsome — indeed, just the kind of person that America’s elites now need to occupy the Oval Office after eight embarrassing years of the tongue-tied and befuddled Dubya. Obama was the perfect guy to rake in the white liberal vote because he is a feel-good, non-threatening choice for liberal whites. In other words, he will surely not upset the current social order, so liberal whites can vote for him in that confidence, and tell themselves that race equality is really here, and gee, we voted a Black man into the White House! Feel good, baby!

You can put sewage in a white bottle, a black bottle, a yellow bottle, a red bottle, a brown bottle, or even a purple or green bottle if you so desire, but that does not change the sewage into perfume. Yet, that is the hocus-pocus that has been perpetrated on the American people in this election. How much did we hear about candidates who really promise change, like Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader? Virtually nothing, and of course they weren’t allowed to debate, either. That’s of course because they are not with The Program.

I hope Mr. Obama is happy with his role, assuming he realizes what it really is. But for the discerning, there is no hope for “change.”

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