Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Somolia the New Hot Spot in ‘War on Terror’?

A few days ago the inimitable Chris Floyd observed that the US government was trying to get a UN Security Council resolution that would make Somalia into what he calls a “global free-fire zone.” And indeed UN authorization was handily obtained, with Bloomberg reporting that
The Security Council voted 15-0 to adopt a U.S.-drafted text that permits all nations and regional organizations -- with the consent of Somalia’s provisional government -- to “take all necessary measures that are appropriate” to deter piracy.

The presence of the pirates is quite convenient. First, there is a view that they can be considered “terrorists,” which would facilitate expansion of the “war on terror” into Somalia. Indeed, the Gray Lady herself has led the charge in that respect. Second, this could present an opportunity for the US to give AFRICOM its first major assignment. And third, establishing a foothold on the Horn of Africa would help the US lock down Middle East hydrocarbon reserves, not to mention help US oil interests in Somalia itself.

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