Monday, February 09, 2009


Mexican Influence in the US

In a previous post on the Russian Panarin’s predictions I said that “‘Mexican influence’ in the US southwest will not be from the Mexican government (or whatever is left of it when this is all over), but rather from Mexican drug/warlords.” The words are barely out of my mouth when this AP article, Mexican drug violence spills over into the US, makes its appearance. Note especially this passage.
Investigators fear the violence could erupt elsewhere around the country because the Mexican cartels are believed to have set up drug-dealing operations all over the U.S., in such far-flung places as Anchorage, Alaska; Boston; and Sioux Falls, S.D.
Drug lords have set up shop in the US and are openly operating there. Recall the boldness of pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Like the pirates, the drug lords have sensed the incipient power vacuum caused by the widening chinks in industrial civilization’s armor. Watch for more power grabbing and chaos as the system falls apart.

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