Saturday, March 28, 2009


Disneyland Hands out Pink Slips

Apparently Disneyland is cutting hundreds of jobs at its parks in the US. Well, lots of big companies are cutting jobs, so why write a post about this one? It’s because this is one of those indicators, like cellphones, that tell us when the situation is getting really desperate. Disneyland is an icon, an establishment that stands for everything which is all-American. It reminds us of things like those happy-go-lucky, halcyon days when suburbia was new and so full of promise.

I wish the dismissed workers the best, but if this is truly a reliable indicator, the general economic outlook is very bad. Things like visits to Disneyland and cellphones are valued highly by many people even though they are non-essentials, so their abandonment indicates that John and Jane Doe are cutting to the bare bone.

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