Friday, March 20, 2009


First Family Starts Organic Kitchen Garden

Today we’re told that the Obamas have started an organic kitchen garden on the White House lawn. Needless to say, I applaud this action wholeheartedly. But the reason given — to get people to eat healthier foods — is really only secondary.

Two things are endangering our food supply. First, more and more people are out of work and forced to rely on handouts. But food banks and soup kitchens are overloaded and running dry. And second, we can’t expect industrial agriculture to advance any further. The “green revolution” was actually a fossil fuel revolution. Additionally, farmers depend on credit to finance their operations, and credit is in short supply. Fertilizer prices are high again this year, and fuel is more expensive than expected despite the screaming downturn in the world economy. Further, the unraveling of the world transport system presents a critical danger in view of the long distances that food is typically shipped.

So — although saying so publicly could cause a panic — the number one reason that the Obamas want us to start kitchen gardens is to feed ourselves.

In the market economy, that would ordinarily be apostasy because we are all supposed to do one certain narrow specialized job, and depend on “the market” to supply all our needs. Therefore the exhortation to start an organic kitchen garden is a tacit admission that the food production and distribution system is beginning to fall apart.

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