Saturday, March 21, 2009


How Soon Will Torchlight Parades Come to America?

According to reports, disgruntled taxpayers took a bus ride to visit the palatial estates of AIG executives to protest their bonuses. The citizens are being distracted by the bonuses, which are mere pocket change compared with the huge gobs of money the US government has thrown at AIG and other entities, but that’s another story. Here I want to make an observation on the anger of the masses, which is nothing to trifle with, as history has shown.

Elites obviously believe that the protests aren’t always going to be peaceful, that it’s only a matter of time until there are nasty visits from torch-wielding crowds. They may be right. And they are making preparations to deal with citizen anger.

For example, according to PR Watch,
Harvard Law School is hosting seminars in April and November to teach “Public Relations, Communications and Media Strategies for Dealing With an Angry Public.” They'll be teaching techniques for dealing with people who “are angry because you've let them down” or who “want to embarrass you publicly,” as well as “environmental groups threatening you” over issues such as “the use and disposal of toxic materials.” You can visit their website for details. A flyer announcing the seminars carries endorsements from officials with the U.S. Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, ConocoPhillips, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.
Another sign that companies are seriously worried about unrest is this Marketwatch article, which informs us that “U.S. companies are being advised to batten down the hatches for their annual meetings this year amid rising anger among investors and the public over bonuses, bailouts, layoffs and slumping share prices.” An expert suggests that they are anticipating violence at annual meetings.

If it’s not possible to keep the pot from boiling over, torchlight parades could occur, and considering the number of guns owned by Americans, the situation could become very ugly. That is no doubt behind the preparations for mass internment.

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