Sunday, March 22, 2009


Low Energy Density of Renewables

In order to generate appreciable amounts of power, renewable-energy installations must cover vast expanses of land. Those expanses are so large that conservationists are trying to limit development of land to keep it from being covered with mirrors and solar panels.

Here is another example which shows the vast amount of land that must be devoted to renewable energy production. Wind farms, solar installations, fields for energy crops, and what have you are going to demand ever more land as we attempt to mitigate the depletion of fossil fuels and keep modern civilization running.

Already, roads and parking lots have gobbled up astounding amounts of land around the world. Now we propose to use renewables to keep all those — and more — vehicles running, which will of course spur still more road and parking lot construction, and consume still more sweeping tracts of land for the energy crops and renewable-energy infrastructure that will supposedly power it all.

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