Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A Presidential Energy Policy

I’d like to follow the previous post with a very hopeful message. Many people, faced with a future of economic contraction, are going to do some serious worrying when they realize all the implications: Mass unemployment that we can only now begin to imagine, the end of “retirement” and pensions, civil upheaval, military confrontations over energy and resources, increasing piracy across the world’s oceans, lawlessness, the decline of industrial civilization, famine, and many more wrenching changes come to mind.

So people are going to wonder how they as individuals, and their governments, should cope with this new world. An excellent place to start is Michael C. Ruppert’s new book A Presidential Energy Policy. You can find out about the book and much more here.

Don’t let the title fool you. Yes, we should all hope that President Obama reads this book immediately and acts accordingly. But it’s a book that people in charge of policy and decision-making at all levels, not to mention the general public, can benefit from. And although not everything will apply directly to countries other than the US, in general it does.

Instead of the pap that the media spoon-feed us daily about “economic recovery” and a Glorious Technological Future, what the world needs now is the kind of brutally frank assessment of the situation that Ruppert dishes out in this book. But that assessment is accompanied by a proposed program of 25 points that will go far toward mitigating the impacts of peak oil and setting us on a path toward a new society and socioeconomic system.

There is not a moment to lose. Even the mainstream media, which tend to paper over and sugar-coat events that don’t fit the paradigm, now present shocking news of impending financial and industrial collapse on a daily basis. Everyone needs to realize that this isn’t just another recession from which we’ll recover and march toward new heights of economic growth.

So, click that link now, visit Rubiconworks, and spread the word.

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