Monday, November 30, 2009


Even Denmark Is Still Hooked on Fossil Fuels

Denmark, king of wind power. Of course that is good. We ought to build all the renewable-energy capacity we can right now, while it’s still possible. But we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that we can free ourselves from dependence on fossil fuels and maintain our lifestyles.

The Globe and Mail has a really good article, “Oil still fuels the green state of Denmark,” which details the situation for a country that is considered far ahead of others in wind power. Denmark is still highly dependent on fossil fuels not only for power production, but also for earning money from oil and gas exports. And from drilling equipment. Of course, this is not to make light of Denmark’s laudable wind-power achievement, but we have to be honest in assessing how far renewables can go, and in acknowledging that fossil fuels are needed to run an industrial economy.

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