Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Give Me That Old-Time Religion

Call it amusing, call it sick, call it brazen, call it the truth… There have certainly been many different reactions to the recent assertion by the chairman of Goldman Sachs that bankers are doing “God’s work.” No doubt a lot of bankers believe that, which is fine; they may, like Fox Mulder, believe whatever they like. Readers will likewise have their own opinions on this matter, so I leave it to your judgment.

Speaking of old-time religion, another one is nuclear power. In order to “reduce CO2 emissions,” governments around the world are developing and announcing big plans for that holy grail, the “nuclear Renaissance.” There’s just one little spanner in the works, and that’s cost. Britain has announced a plan to build 10 new nuclear power plants, but this plan too is likely to make little or no headway because of cost. As we can see from the so-called credit crunch, a colossal pile of money has already disappeared, and a lot more is slated to disappear in the near future. Consequently, such large-scale and capital-intensive projects become increasingly difficult to fund. Another gargantuan project that will never happen is Japan’s maglev train, which has been in development for years. Nuclear power and maglev trains are products of a bygone age when energy was cheap and plentiful, and as such they have no place in our new world of declining energy.

Unfortunately, our governments and most of the world public still fervently embrace such religious beliefs, so look forward to a lot more of our precious remaining energy, resources, and time being thrown down a rat hole.

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