Wednesday, November 04, 2009


More on “Collapse”

Time for an update on the documentary “Collapse,” which is about to start its theater run.

First, the November 4 Wall Street Journal has an article on the film, including a short interview with the film’s star, Michael Ruppert. Despite the shortness of the interview, a few important points are brought out. One very important fact that Ruppert states is that “money is useless without energy.” Some readers of this blog will perhaps recall this post from June of this year in which I made this same point and illustrated it with an example. We tend to put all costs in terms of money, and lose sight of the fact that actually energy is doing the work, with money merely being the means of accessing and mobilizing energy. If you are concerned about this and much more, definitely take any opportunity you have to see the movie. Since I am in Japan, I’ll have to wait until a DVD is available, but having followed Ruppert’s work for some years, I can well imagine the barrage of uncomfortable facts that assault the viewer.

Second, the WSJ article refers to a new review of “Collapse” in Entertainment Weekly, which can be read here.

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