Thursday, November 05, 2009


Incipient Global Chaos and Destabilization

The Times Online Crime Blog has a piece titled “Counter-terror plans will be revised to reflect Fort Hood and Afghan attacks,” which has a message other than that intended by the writer. From this blog posting we gather that military and civilian authorities must now worry about “terrorists” with a new modus operandi that works by attacking from within places heretofore considered safe and secure. It also cites the Mumbai attack as an example.

Mumbai does indeed fit into the picture, but this isn’t just a matter of “terrorists” (now a cover word used to label anyone considered undesirable by the authorities) having discovered a new way of striking their targets. If we see these incidents in the context of the big picture, it is obvious that they are stress points where the global system is coming apart at the seams. And through the splits in the seams, we can see chaos emerging. Recall also that non-state actors are always looking for chinks in the armor of state power, and testing them.

Some other related recent events are the chaos in Yemen bleeding into Saudi Arabia, Afghan police thoroughly infiltrated by the Taliban, the spreading Maoist rebellion in India, and, in an echo of attacks on police stations in Mexico, an attack on a police station in Greece. Look for more of these challenges to state power, and the resulting chaos as the global system weakens and destabilizes.

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