Friday, December 18, 2009


Paved Roads Revert to Gravel

An AP news story tells how insufficient infrastructure funding is pushing local governments to return some stretches of paved road to gravel road. First street lamps, then paved roads. What next?

Pavement, of course, is a hallmark of civilization. In previous ages, people used stones and bricks. Now we have asphalt and concrete. People have considered it a sign of progress to a higher state of existence when a gravel road is paved. So it is in these new times — the latter days of the Empire — that pavement returning to gravel signifies a transition to a new state. Whether one considers it a “higher state” or not will be hotly debated. Nevertheless, it is happening, just like reducing bus and subway services, and downsizing cities.

Keep watching for these and other signs of the times.

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