Sunday, February 21, 2010


News links, February 21, 2010

I’ll also be posting some news links for your browsing pleasure.

Long-time algae grower deflates claims of $2/gallon oil from algae

Argentina demands oil talks with UK

China's coal imports hit 16.07 mln tons in Jan

Risks in 2010: Crumbling Infrastructure
"Worldwide, some 35 trillion dollars will have to be spent over the next 20 years to meet infrastructure needs, estimates the World Bank."

French oil refineries strike spreads

Gas Shortage Raises Egyptians' Anger at Government

Pakistani police chief dies in attack on stations

Russia stands by S-300 delivery to Iran
Germany Prepares to Deploy UAVs to Afghanistan
The pros and cons of a robot army
Russia looks to France for light armoured vehicles following assault ships talks
US Navy Shifts Focus To Lower-​​end Threats (Looks like it's turning into a glorified SWAT team.)
"The Navy will buy ships and aircraft that deal with a range of irregular opponents, including pirates, terrorists, criminal organizations, insurgents and other state and non-​​state actors."
New Study: U.S. Military Should Prepare for Hostile Reception in Western Pacific and Persian Gulf Regions

Toyota "sticking pedals" recall is a smokescreen (PDF)

Up to 25 bln euros in aid mulled for Greece-magazine

Euro's Unity Bid Hits Fine Print in Greek Debt Drama

US: Texas Congressman pushes for drones on Mexico border
IRS: a frequent target of antigovernment violence
Joe Stack IRS attack and the growth of the tax resistance movement
Frustrated Owner Bulldozes Home Ahead Of Foreclosure
Four banks in separate states shut down
Under-taxed Americans are Too Broke to Finance Sustainability Infrastructure
U.S. May Face Housing Shortage in 2011
"We need one and a half million houses per year just to keep up with population growth."
O.C. has 13 months of unlisted foreclosures
In D.C., more evidence that commercial real estate headed for foreclosure crisis
Bad economies in states to worsen: governors
Muni bond defaults will bust bond insurers
Democratic Governors Urge Passage of Jobs Bill as Debts Loom

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