Monday, February 22, 2010


News links, February 23, 2010

Japan, U.S. set to launch joint efforts on drone technology

Debt Auctions Bombing … China Heading for the Hills … Higher Rates Dead Ahead!
Faber advises investors to buy farmland and gold, says next war will be "dirty"

Israel: All postal services stopped after letter bomb found in post office

China's building bubble about to burst
China New Village Makes Chanos See Dubai 1,000 Times
China taps more Saudi crude than US

Dutch confirm Afghan troop pullout sparking fears of domino effect

Greece misses EU debt data deadline
Greece Said to Have Arranged Swaps With 15 Banks
Euro's Future in Question Even if Greece Saved: Soros
The Depression's Already Here for Some Countries in Europe
Europe labor unrest: airlines, oil

Japan: Disclosing Executive Pay May Be Dangerous: TSE Chief
Japanese Government Is Essentially Bankrupt, net assets possibly below zero
Magazine airs anxieties over China's burgeoning economic clout

Rare earth elements: The world's next resource conflict
Coal Rally on Chinese Demand Sparks $59 Estimates

What happens when an Aussie housing bubble bursts

UK: BA cabin crew vote for strikes
Falkland Islands oil drilling begins

Saudi to build $13bn 'tourist city' on east coast

Colombia becomes new hub for human smuggling into US

U.S. OKs $150M to help Yemen fight terrorism

Dubai World unlikely to pay off Nakheel debt

US: Water Waste A Kink In New York Shale Gas Future
More West Virginians may soon experience frustration of toll roads
Arizona speed cameras incite a mini revolt
The New Poor
Homeless, with wheels: Rest stops become home
More US Generations Living Under Same Roof
As Economy Stumbles, Local "Currencies" Gain Traction
Small business loan stimulus runs dry -- again
Pentagon Quietly Explores De-Citizenship of US Citizen Terrorists
US 'closes in on Google hackers'
Commercial bank lending continues to plummet
Muni Defaults May Rise Amid 'Unprecedented Stress' on Finances
The Bloom Box: Energy Breakthrough or Silicon Valley Hype?
Gasoline heading above $3 a gallon by this summer
Top US general: US has Plan B for slower Iraq exit

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